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Chopin is a “Made in Italy” clothing brand for dynamic, ambitious women.

Chopin is a brand for women who are on the go and in the know, yet at the same time who are sensual, elegant and refined. Women who pay special attention to their style and their appearance, who like to look good but who, ultimately, like to enjoy life. Women who want classic, well-fitting clothing with a modern edge

Chopin is the masterpiece of urban chic, standing out through attention to detail and top quality at affordable prices.

Chopin is style and practicality in one, with clothes for every occasion - from smart suits for the workplace to coloured jeans for the weekend, right through to the timeless “Breakfast at Tiffany's” sheath dress. With Chopin's many fabrics, shapes and patterns women can enjoy their femininity all day long.


Jackets with contrast borders, perfectly cut shirts, dresses in bright colours: this was the first Chopin collection, created in Rome in the 1960s. Cultural models were being challenged, the role of women was being transformed and Chopin captured the spirit of these changes exactly.

As the roles of men and women in society became more equal, fashion mirrored this evolution. Chopin transforms old-fashioned blouses into shirts and long skirts are made into tight-fitting trousers, in response to the needs of women seeking an improved work-life balance

In the 1970s and 1980s, Chopin becomes a chain, with stores all over Rome. Though the new Chopin showrooms are conceived as boutiques (with the emphasis on a high level of customer care) the prices are kept low and there are no compromises on quality. Every item of clothing is studied and designed down to the smallest detail, though style does not come with a high price-tag. Chopin reinterprets tradition in a modern perspective.

In the 90s and in the new century, information travels faster than ever, and the world of fashion changes faster than ever, with each month seeing new trends, new styles and new colours. Chopin keeps up with the rapidly changing trends while still keeping their essentially timeless items. Some items remain throughout the entire season, while others change each month, in tune with the changing face of fashion.

Chopin creates many collections for every kind of woman - but always with the same unmistakable style.

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